Monday, June 30, 2008

One Wonderful, Weird Month

Our June began near Sacramento, watching our daughter and her team mates from Western Washington University totally blow away their opponents, to become NCAA Division Two Champions for the fourth season in a row. She and three other Alaska women were an important part of that effort.

We then drove a small RV around parts of rural and small town California and Oregon for two weeks, sampling locally grown vegetables, fruit and wine. We sampled local cheeses and breads, visited a couple of long lost friends.

As we travelled through these areas and others, it was easy to witness how close to many breaking points this country is getting.

Driving north out of the northeastern Sacramento suburbs, it seemed like the subdivisions might never end. We were two tihrds of the way to Marysville, hoping it was over, when the framework of another Home Depot started looming over the horizon in the western foothills of the Sierras.

We passed one evangelical mega-church that looked like the box the Anchorage Baptist Temple, the Anchorage Christian School and every other fundamentalist edifice in Alaska had come in. Its parking lot sported at least a dozen chromed-out Humvees.

In the countryside, everyone I asked noticed that the climate is changing. Fast...

It blew a lot everywhere we went. Near the coast, where salmon fishing might now be closed forever, it was windy, and colder than in years.

Back in Alaska, it is more or less the same. Here, people are saying "things are coming late." Birds, ice thaws, potato planting, salmon runs - everything is coming late.


Tea N. Crumpet said...

If the salmon are not going to their places of birth, where are they going? Have they all died?

Anonymous said...

Go Lady Vikes!