Saturday, January 26, 2013

More on Monday's Upcoming Idle No More Noon Rally at the Anchorage Town Square

From a press release issued by Alaska Rising Tide:

Press Advisory: 

Idle No More Rally
Monday J28, Noon
Town Square, Anchorage
Contact: Kirby Spangler, Alaska Rising Tide, 907-746-3733
Brandon Hill, Alaska Rising Tide, 207-632-0861

Celebrating Indigenous Sovereignty 
Giving Voice to the Spirit of OUR Lands and Waters 

Anchorage, AK- There will be drumming, singing, dancing, praying and giving voice to the Spirit of our lands and waters, which need our defense now.

Once again, indigenous people and allies from across Alaska will gather in Town Square at noon in solidarity with the Idle No More Movement for indigenous sovereignty sweeping across Canada and the Globe.

“The taking of our lands, and their subsequent desecration is intolerable. To resist the unquenchable thirst of colonization and corporate resource exploitation, we must stand up together as indigenous peoples of the world and demand our rights. Across the land crisis is giving rise to a growing spirit of solidarity.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the many allies and Alaska Native peoples who have stepped out to support Canada’s First Nations in our time of need through the Idle No More events. It shows we are truly all related in a bond that transcends all the boundaries and borders that have been imposed upon us” said Paul Pike, a First Nation tribal citizen from the Mi’kmaq Nation of Canada.

Drumming by members of PAMYUA, Medicine Dream, and the Mount Susitna/Sleeping Lady Drummers


Anonymous said...

Are you bringing your dog whistle, Phil?

Anonymous said...

Are you bringing your dog whistle, Phil?

Philip Munger said...

Are you coming, so we may meet, anonymous?

I'll buy you lunch afterward, if you'll hold my hand in the concluding round dance.

Your choice of downtown restaurant and meal.

Anonymous said...

I do my best to avoid hypocrites, bigots and hacks.

Why would I want to get together with someone who embodies all three?

crystalwolflady said...
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Anonymous said...

Gee Phil,
I thought I was your annoying commenter.
But we made up.
Think poster and Juno.

I've got this white iris plant.
It is a story all by itself.
It is one tough plant.
Two years ago it bloomed! Back in the far piles of the mulch pile it sprung up like weed. It even produced a single white bloom. So I put it in the rock garden.

Someday we'll meet and you can bring Judy over with her shovel and get a good root ball. It is big enough to split in about 4 nice size plants.

Anyway, life is good. Palin still sucks and Parnell is worse.