Monday, February 6, 2012

Seed Time!

Our big vegetable seed order came in a couple of weeks ago, from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Here's a link to their web site, where you can order their catalog, which is huge, and packed full of incredibly vivid images of some of the vegetables, fruits, herbs and other stuff they offer.

Among the new seeds we ordered that we haven't grown before are:

I'll be starting the tomatoes during the last week of February.  Can't wait.  You can see the end of winter from my greenhouse - it got up to over 50 degrees F in there today.

From last year's garden, we managed to save seeds for:
Arugula (9th generation)
Cilantro (16th generation)
Stupice Tomato (7th generation)
Black from Tula Tomato (3rd generation)
Black Cherry Tomato
Green Zebra Tomato (3rd generation)

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AKjah said...

Those Chinese noodle beans are best when you wrap them around a big piece of king on the grill and dont forget to coat them with garlic oil first.