Saturday, February 11, 2012

Does Ron Paul Have the Most GOP Delegates?

Rachel Maddow interviews Doug Wead, a senior advisor for the Ron Paul campaign:
Joe Deaux, writing for The Street feels that Ron Paul may be using fuzzy math,  at least regarding Colorado, which didn't come up in the Maddow clip above:
Put simply, Coloradans voted Tuesday night in a Republican straw poll. After each precinct tallied the straw vote and reported the numbers to the state party, they then voted on which delegates would go to the county assembly to represent the precinct. Each precinct then chose from the group of county-appointed delegates which ones would be sent to the congressional assembly and the state caucus.

People in the precincts who wanted to run as delegates for the county assembly had the right to announce which candidate they supported, but they could also remain uncommitted. The uncommitted delegates, Call said, would essentially run on the premise that their fellow precinct voters could trust their judgment when it came to picking delegates to represent the right candidate.

"What we did find, however, is that a lot of the Ron Paul delegates refused to tell their caucus voters who they were supporting," Call said. "That's unfortunate to a degree because then that undermines the representative nature of caucuses and assemblies."

The Paul campaign's claim that it won all 13 delegates in one precinct in Larimer County and all five in Delta County is not incorrect, but the assertion leaves out the fact that not all of those delegates get to vote for the placement of national delegates.

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mojo66 said...

going to be real strange seeing how the media is going to explain how ron paul got so many delegates