Saturday, February 4, 2012

Digging, Plowing, Shoveling and Sweeping Out from Under the Snow - Again

February 4th is pretty much the middle of the optimum time in Alaska for huge snowfall.  Back on the night of 4-5 February, 1955, in Whittier, the U.S. Army recorded accumulation of 145 inches of snow in one event.  At sea level.  This winter, November, January, and maybe now, February have left us with the most snow in decades.

Here on Neklason Lake, we don't have as much snow as some places in Southcentral, that's for sure.  But it is far more than we've ever gotten, since moving here in 1995.  Yesterday, I cleared the driveway and parking lot twice.  Then again this morning.

Looking up the driveway, with its 4 and 1/2 foot-high snow walls along the bottom:

At the top, the walls are over 6 feet in places:

Trucks, a VW, and the smokehouse.  The VW is getting a rest until the snow season passes its peak:

The morning deck has about eight feet of snow piled on it in places:

The Outback, dwarfed by the snow next to it:


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