Sunday, March 3, 2013

Viral Video That Shows Wealth Inequality That Has Only Gotten Worse Under Obama

hat tip to Kelly Walters


Anonymous said...

The Mother Jones article in 2011 which spawned this info-graphic is and was a better representation of actual journalism, that article didn't attempt to cast a false narrative over the top of the data, the original article didn't attempt to revise history in an attempt to erroneously and dishonestly revise and recast blame.

Since a number of the sources for the material comprising the charts in the video are dated before the time period you claim, and in some cases that data is limited to periods of time which don't even include the current term of the president, the over-reaching claim you make is as deceitful as is your usual attempt to paint whatever woes the nation might suffer as being attributable to the current president.

You and Murdock and Roger Ailes are cut from the same cloth.

You like FOX Newscorp would rather misdirect attention to serve your narrow-minded interests rather than focus attention on the actuality of the issue. You, like FOX, would prefer to press for your inferred false narrative as paramount to your interests, journalistic ethics be damned.

Here is yet another instance among many other instances where you take the work of someone else, and attempt to recast your own false narrative over the top of it.

Your treatment of this info-graphic is nothing short of dishonest hackery. As is your custom.

And you know it. I'm only surprised, you didn't try to work in one of your dog whistle racial slurs like you've done in the past when you refer to our current president.

Joe Blow said...

Right on, Anon,

Too true, I too have noticed that kind of thing here many times.