Friday, May 9, 2008

Patti Higgins, Blake Johnson & Cindy Spanyers - Stop the Bleeding!

Guest post by Celtic Diva -

Today, Hillary Clinton proved yet again that she is hell-bent on destroying the Democratic Party to further her own delusions.
In what appear to be the New York senator's most blunt comments to date regarding a racial division in the Democratic presidential race, Hillary Clinton suggested Wednesday that "White Americans" are increasingly turning away from Barack Obama’s candidacy.

"I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on," Clinton said in an interview with USA TODAY.

Clinton cited an Associated Press poll "that found how Senator Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me."

"There's a pattern emerging here," she said.
The last numbers from Indiana and North Carolina completely refute her claims as Obama's support among whites and poorer Americans has INCREASED. However, she has become totally irrational at this point so why bother with facts?

And that brings me back to Alaska's undeclared Superdelegates, Blake Johnson (Democratic Party Vice Chair) and Cindy Spanyers (National Committee Woman).

Alaska's Democratic Caucus in February saw Obama get 75% of the vote while only 25% chose Clinton. As of now, we have two declared Superdelegates: Patti Higgins (Democratic Party Chair) who is supporting Clinton and John Davies (National Committee Man) supporting Obama.

Going by the percentages, for the Superdelegates vote to be in sync with the rest of Alaskan Democrats, you two would need to declare for Obama. However, it is clear to everyone but Hillary Clinton that Obama has already won. It is also clear that she has no intention of backing down yet. And now, she has proven that she is unable to remain in the race without damaging the soon-to-be-nominee in the bigger race against John McCain or further dividing and alienating party members.

Not only that, this is taking a toll on other state races:
We had a good 1st Quarter anyway, but I don't think we can continue to reach our fundraising targets unless this thing gets settled, and quickly. For her to wait until June is a nightmare that may well guarantee that not only my guy, but dozens and dozens of other challengers will come up badly short of their goals for the 2nd Quarter. And my candidate is in the very top level of targeted races. I can only imagine what the lower tiers of challengers are facing (well, no, actually I've heard from some of them, including the finance chair for a candidate in the Midwest to whom I spoke today).

We need her to drop out now, not only for the sake of our real Presidential nominee winning in November, but so that the rest of us can finally have a fighting chance with donors.

It is time for you as our remaining Alaska Superdelegates to help Barack Obama end this.

I understand, as I've heard Patti Higgins say on KUDO, that holding back an endorsement until the Convention can lead to some type of negotiation which might work in Alaska's favor. However, right now we are talking about the good of the Democratic Party and the good of the country. If John McCain gets elected as a result of this damage, then any negotiation is out the window anyway.

Alaskan Democrats as well as Democrats across the country ask you to come forward now for Obama.

If you want to contact these Superdelegates and let them know how you feel--with much respect and ALL of your manners, please--here are the emails:

Blake Johnson -

Cindy Spanyers -


Polarbear said...

CelticDiva: Thank you for your post. The passion of an ardent Obama supporter came through loud and clear:) And rightfully so - it has been a spirited campaign. My contribution is to suggest framing the problem just a bit differently. Right now, we have about a 52% - 48% split in the Democratic Party, Obama over Clinton. What we do next is critical. Despite the way Republicans behave in their party, a 52%-48% split is not a mandate. The problem is to fix the split. The core elements of the Clinton campaign need to be negotiated into the overall Democratic ticket. Incorporating the best of both contestants ensures a better chance for a win, and an improved ability to govern. Accordingly, the best leadership choice right now would be to drop the gloves, and patiently invite Hillary and the Clinton supporters to the Obama table. Actually, I think Obama IS dropping the gloves, and the news from the campaign trail in Oregon appears to be that Clinton is doing the same. I am very willing to support Barack Obama, but I first want some assurance that some of Hillary's most important issues and approaches are going to make it into the coming campaign - notably health care. Then will come my commitment to the Democratic ticket.

Anonymous said...

The substantive differences between Clinton's Health Care initiative and Obama's are miniscule, the type of thing that gets worked out out in conference committee. Obama has a demonstrably strong commitment to this issue. If all that's keeping Polar Bear from making a commitment to the Democratic ticket (and Obama) is health care, it's time to get on board!

The Coffin Dancer said...

She just needs to bow out gracefully.

The Democratic party needs to get back to the good old days, before Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton pansified the party...

NAFTA for gods sake...

Without a doubt the gravest mistake this country has ever made...

Singlehandedly at least ten times worse than the current war(which is pathetic).

The crap coming out of those factories, the jobs lost...We helped make India and China what they are today, crippling our lower and lower middle class...The list goes on...The Clintons are even worse than GW.

Anonymous said...

Patti Higgins will be the last person in the Democratic Party (NATIONALLY) who would ever pull her support from Mrs. Clinton.

Higgins believes in doing what's best for Higgins. She could care less what the voters of Alaska have said.

Mike, Girdwood

alaska jim said...

At best, the Alaska Democratic Party represents he least of two evils. The leadership is corrupt and special interests guide the actions and decisions of the party.

There is a reason that Alaskans have rejected most candidates of the Democratic Party. That's because the party clearly do not represent the will of the people. It's a shame.

I will only support reform candidates, such as Diane Bensen and Ray Metcalfe. We really need to abolish the two party system as it only serves the lobbyists, politicians and other crooks, by limiting our choices and providing funding only for those who play the system.

America is not respected by other nations nor trusted by its own citizens. Just look at what we've become.

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