Thursday, March 27, 2008

Saturday Alaska Blog Roundup Coming

When Progressive Alaska started back in early November, this was the first place in cyberspace trying to catalog the growth of interactive progressive forums in our state on the web. Other progressive blogs list most, if not all, of the left-leaning links you see to your right when you read here, but Progressive Alaska is trying to keep them updated comprehensively.
An outlet called has started listing what it calls "Alaska's most influential political blogs" at its - apparently -- out-of-state -- site. Their listing doesn't include the ADN Political Blog, which undoubtedly gets more traffic than do all those listed combined.

Progressive Alaska is going to try doing a weekly roundup of some of the most interesting entries in the lefty blogs around the state, beginning this weekend. I hope to interject more humor into this Saturday column than I usually do here.

I'm also going to try to find a way to list more regional blogs - Alaska-based web forums that primarily discuss in-state local and regional issues. Anyone with suggestions for inclusions, can e-mail me with ideas. Please...

Update: Steve Aufrecht at What Do I Know? wrote to me from Thailand, providing a link to a controversy involving The comments at the linked post are fascinating.


Kris said...

Please post some links to "righty" blogs for us conservatives.

Philip Munger said...


why? This blog is here to promote an agenda that believes in progress. If you know any "conservative blogs" that promote human progress, please let me know, and I'll slap them up here.

If you want some help in starting your own conservative blog, I'll be glad to help steer you in the "right" direction.

Anonymous said...

Righty blogs? Is there such a thing? I didn't know they could write.