Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Don Juan Young?

One of our biggest problems in the state — and the nation — is that no one has the statesmanship to have a vision. Where is the courage and the ability to have a vision … and try to implement it?

do that.

- Don Young, from an interview by Robert Dillon in Washington D.C. early yesterday, for the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

Last month, traveling through Alaska, he sounded more like Don Corleone Young, with threats, bluster, and claims that the million dollars or more in contributions his campaign is spending on criminal defense lawyers is "MY MONEY!"

Don is also doing a Rodney King impression
, with - We need to knock the partisan bickering off, put aside our theatrical aspirations, and start getting things done.

I'm tempted to do the multi-colored word thingie to that precious gem too. That is from a press release Young sent out as he headed back to Alaska for the Easter congressional recess and the Alaska Republican Convention, being held in Anchorage this weekend.

Raise your hand if you think Don has had a great awakening, and is going to be sincerely nice, and begin listening to his constituents. I thought not.

Now, raise your hands if you think Don is just plain scared shitless. I thought so.

picture of peyote cactus on Don's office desk, as he contemplates becoming a visionary shaman

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