Sunday, August 4, 2013

Catching Up on the 2013 Vegetable Gardens

I've taken a major break from blogging this spring and summer.  I haven't posted garden pictures at all.  That is too bad, as this has been the best growing summer I can remember in Alaska.  Time to catch up!

Above is an image of the main garden.  The plants are easily twice as large in most cases than last year, which was chilly.  We've wet records this year for consecutive days over 70 degrees, and over 80.

Below are part of the beet patch:

Below is a flowering set of soy bean pods:

Green beans, ready to pick:

Runner beans, with snow peas in the background:

The potato patch, with ripening raspberries at the far right:

The burdock box:

The carrot patch:

A red cabbage, growing very fast!

The cabbage patch:

Pod peas ripening:

Red Aroch - great for salads, ready to be made into brilliant scarlet pasta noodles:

Cilantro, ready to be made into pesto:


Ripe Stupice tomatoes:

Unripe Green Zebra tomatoes:

Eight-foot tall Green Zebra tomato plant:


Anonymous said...


Do your tomatoes self pollinate?

Philip Munger said...

The tomatoes are pollinated by bees, which I let into the greenhouse. This year, that also let in the aphids, but the ladybugs got them.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Hey Phil, Diane Benson's shit-shoveling TV ad was screened on national public TV in Australia tonight. It was on a popular show about TV advertising, and the audience approved.