Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"I Am Bradley Manning" Video Teaser Released

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Jacob Dugan-Brause said...

I can only guess how many returning combat soldiers know of war crimes and kill themselves rather than talk... is that what the USA asks of what it calls its 'heroes'?

Philip Munger said...


I'm a Viet-Nam-era Vet. A lot of my friends from that era who "served" have passed. Some killed themselves. One friend, who recently passed away from cancer was the last living member of his unit that had sprayed agent orange in the Mekong Valley during his entire 13-month tour (whenever the weather was right). All the rest died of things like cancers, and many had kids born after they returned who had abnormalities. But he told me that it bothered him even more how many kids in the areas he sprayed are even now being born with abnormalities. Since 1967-68, when his unit sprayed (along with many other USAF units), millions of kids in the spray areas.

Those are Vets my age. As a college teacher, some of my students are Vets of the current load of shit. Some are more resilient than others, for sure. But there is an awful lot of pain in them.