Sunday, April 21, 2013

Comparing the West, Texas Explosions to the Boston Marathon Explosions

Last Monday, two explosions occurred in Boston, near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, during the course of the annual event.  Three people were killed, dozens injured, some very severely.

Last Wednesday, several explosions occurred in the middle of West, Texas, at an ammonia fertilizer plant.  We don't yet know how many people were killed, because some of them were completely incinerated, but the count is currently at over 15, with well over 100 injured.

The two young men the FBI claims were behind the Boston crimes have garnered trillions of words of worldwide press and internet coverage over the past five days or so.  One is dead, the other injured, and in custody.  The amount of venom I've read directed toward them in comments to any of the meretricious press stories I've gone through is quite frightening.

The owners of the Texas fertilizer company who wantonly destroyed the community their business was supposed to serve have not been chased down by police.  I haven't found a single mainstream or second stream news story yet, calling for anything remotely resembling what thousands are demanding being done to the 19-year-old kid being held for the marathon mayhem.

Although West was evacuated, martial law wasn't declared there, as it was in Boston on Thursday.

Yet, what the owners of the Texas fertilizer company have been involved in, set up their crime scene, piece by piece, for decades.  The two Boston kids just recently, if one wants to believe the narrative the media is feeding us, only recently turned toward creating situations that would probably kill people.

I regard what the owners of the Texas fertilizer factory did to be as serious, and as criminal, as what these two kids are alleged to have done.  Why our media and our society can't see it that way saddens me.


Anonymous said...


No credit to the people who originated this story line?

LIke we should believe the same thought, same story line just popped into your mind so you decided to write about it?

Definitely hackery.

Anonymous said...

The terrorists were not kids, both were fucking adults. I mean the one was fucking for sure since some white chick thought it necessary to pop out his spawn.