Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Catching Up

A lot going on, so I'm not sure I've time to catch up. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council opened their Conference in Anchorage today. It runs to the 11th. Here's their agenda. I'm hoping to meet with some of the activists at the conference, where we'll compare notes on Ted and Ben, and on Don.

The Hill carried an article yesterday on Jack Abramoff and the CNMI and Marshall Island issues. It adds nothing new to the information I published last year in an article on Don Young's relationship with Jack Abramoff, but does add color to the depth of Abramoff's sleaze and to his early adherence to the Grover Norquist model of political discourse.

The IBEW issued the following today:

Anchorage, AK – The Obama campaign will host a caucus training and organizing meeting in Alaska on Monday December 10th in preparation for Alaska’s February 5th primary.

WHO: Obama staff and volunteers

WHAT: Alaska Caucus Training and Grassroots Organizing Meeting

WHEN: Monday December 10th
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

WHERE: IBEW Local Union 1547
3333 Denali Street
Anchorage, AK 99503

RSVP: Click here to RSVP or call 312-533-8384.

Vince Beltrani, the head of IBEW is also the chief honcho at AFL-CIO here, so this has surprised some. Additionally, IBEW has taken a recent heavy-handed interest in program content at Anchorage's KUDO-AM radio, so watch for the Obama puff to start up there. They could certainly do worse in a presidential choice, but....

U.S. House candidate Jake Metcalfe sent out an e-mail flash to contributors today, calling that crazy kid who shot a lot of people this past weekend a crime wave named "Bloody Sunday." He asked for money at least three times in my copy. He finished up his plea thusly:

Won't you join me in helping to prevent another Bloody Sunday? With your help, we can make all of our communities safer and help our public servants to do their jobs.

Please contribute today and be sure to check my website,, for updates on my campaign.

Yours in service,

IBEW's Political Action Committee donated $5,000.00 to Jake Metcalfe in the last three-month funding cycle.

On a higher note, U.S. House candidate Ethan Berkowitz sent a flyer out to contributors today, in which he:

called on Gov. Sarah Palin to hold companies responsible for their corporate record when assessing gasline bids. He cited particular concern with the bid from Sinopec ZPEB. The Chinese company’s partnership with the Sudanese Government -- widely held responsible for the extensive human rights violations occurring in Darfur -- raises profound questions about their moral qualifications to develop Alaska’s gas.*

“While I congratulate Gov. Palin for generating bids to build a natural gas pipeline and for bringing the pipeline that much closer to becoming a reality,” said Berkowitz, “I urge her to scrutinize the Sinopec proposal and certify the company’s good character.”

I agree wholeheartedly. He sure didn't give Gov. Palin's office much time to digest implications of the Sinopec ZPEC bid, though. It was an easy high road for Berkowitz to take. But - at least he didn't ask for money.

photo - politician (Fiorello LaGuardia) with halibut


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If you value accuracy in your blog, you should get your facts straight before posting stuff.
You misspelled my name, credited me for a job title I don't hold, and made a baseless statement about heavy-handedness regarding KUDO program content. I find it interesting that you identify your blog as progressive but slam one of the most active and positive progressive organizations in the state (the IBEW). Doesn't sound like a very positive way to move forward a progressive agenda. Or perhaps you have some other agenda?
Vince Beltrami (with an m)

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